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The Effects of Entering a University

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Entering a university is a very important and interesting experience in a person's life, but at the same time it is an experience that will change your lifestyle and personality forever. The purpose of this essay is to discuss the three main effect of entering a university which are missing old friends, learning how to survive during university, and developing responsible behavior which must accompany university studies.
                The first and also the most common effect of entering a university is that once you enter the new school, you start missing your old fiends. There are many reason  you and your friends start splitting apart and leaving to study in different cities or school’s, but feeling sad because you miss them is inevitable . This doesn’t mean you are never going to see your friends again, but it isn’t the same to be at school without your best friends.
The second effect of entering a university is the fact that you have to get acquainted with the entire university environment. Being at junior high school is completely different than being in a university, so you have to learn how to survive in it .During university studies you have to search for your own to success because at a university. Teachers are not going to solve your problems. 
The third and most important effect of entering a university is the responsible behavior you must develop during your way through the university. Entering a university forces you to be a responsible person because you are the only one who will care about you. During university studies you are in charge of your life and of the decisions that you make such as doing or not doing homework, going or not going to class, etc. Being responsible person is essential for any one in this world; without responsibility a person‘s life can be a mess and will never reach success. 
Entering a university, as everything that is new in our lives, can be terrifying at first, but with a little bit of effort, it can become one of the greatest experiences of our lives .it is very important to enjoy our university studies because it will help us become independent and responsible people, only if we learn how to survive it

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