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How to Identify Counterfeit Money

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Money is something that is used as a tool for economic transactions in which payments made something as money is received, trusted or liked the people who do economics. Function of money as a counting unit that can assign a value to a product price, money is also a medium of exchange to obtain a product with a note should be genuinely accepted and guaranteed by the government and the security guard of the act of counterfeiting money. In these days a lot of counterfeit money in circulation which many deceive the public in general, its resemblance to real money. Our presentation this time we will explain about the counterfeit money and how to identify it with the three methods commonly called 3D (seen, touched, drawn thread work)

Counterfeit money is money printed or created by individuals, associations or certain syndicates with the objective results could prevail over the print its value and, as appropriate.
The first step is to identify views, you should consider whether the color is faded, dull, pale, faded, broken or broken any other problems. Make sure everything is in good condition and have signs like the original currency that has a watermark depicting the national hero and the rope yarn contained in the money.
The second step of the way of tangible, stroke money if the money is rough or smooth. Real money is usually a bit stiff and original material own money thicker than that on the numbers, or pictures printed money usually intentionally slightly bulging and it will feel if touched.
The last step is to wander onto a strong light source such as light and sun. after a drawn thread work. Look at the rope and the string sign spring is in good condition or not.
With this many people expected would be to know and understand about the counterfeit money and how do I identify it by using the 3D method.
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